OhemaaTalks Podcast

Episode 2 : Repressed emotions in men

June 04, 2020 OhemaaTalks Episode 2
OhemaaTalks Podcast
Episode 2 : Repressed emotions in men
Show Notes

Akwaaba/ Welcome to OhemaaTalks!

I am joined by Ewan Corlett, a qualified MBACP Registered Person Centred Counsellor. He is an experienced practitioner with a broad client base of varied ages and presentations, such as complex trauma, addiction, and specifically male emotional repression and shame. Ewan continues to evolve and steers his practice in line with where he feels he can be of most service. It is for this reason that he is broadening his practice to coach young men in groups. 

Ewan is available via the following mediums: 

Website -  www.counsellingwithewan.com


- Counselling email: contact@counsellingwithewan.com

- Young men evolution coach email: tymevolutioncoach@gmail.com

Instagram - @Ewan Corlett 

For anyone who is affected by of the stories shared and has questions or wants support of alcohol or drug addiction, recovery or treatment, please visit the website for Alcoholics Anonymous


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Stay healthy.