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Episode 4: Navigating female relationships

July 09, 2020 OhemaaTalks Episode 4
OhemaaTalks Podcast
Episode 4: Navigating female relationships
Show Notes

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I am often asked how I have managed to maintain my female relationships. This question stems from a misconception of female relationships which are not immune to the challenges experienced in other forms of relationships. I am joined by three of my closest girl friends to discuss some of the challenges we’ve had and the strength that comes from having girlfriends. 

Background of the guests:

Jolene Adogoba is a Relationship Officer at the Agriculture Development Bank Ghana. She’s also an entrepreneur and CEO of Tima Africa; a crafts company that specialises in woven baskets from Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana.

Shaneke Ellis is a Business Consultant with over 10 years’ experience advising clients in a number of areas including business development, marketing, financial planning and risk management. She has extensive experience in law, housing and international affairs and is currently an Insurance Specialist at Eunisure and a Business Development and Operations Manager for Supportive Link and Link Estates.

Josephine Nzuruba is a trained lawyer with experience in the legal and financial sector. She is currently the Head of Policy Compliance at the London Stock Exchange Group and remains active in the legal sector through her dedication to pro bono work.  


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