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Episode 5: Power of the media

July 23, 2020 OhemaaTalks Episode 5
OhemaaTalks Podcast
Episode 5: Power of the media
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I’m joined by Nii Kotei Nikoi, a photographer, graphic designer, teacher and a media enthusiast to discuss the power of global media. He is broadly interested in popular culture, its power to shape how we see the world and to cause social change. 

He’s also a podcaster, you can listen to his show Our Culture on Soundcloud and Apple Podcast. https://soundcloud.com/user-17380883 

He has two academic articles out:


This episode is sponsored by @kevinbmore. Kevin is a graphic artist with over 10 years’ industry experience  across all design disciplines. He offers brand, digital and print design services using tools such as Adobe CS, Indesign, Photoshop, Audition and Illustrator. He is also the creator of the graphics for Ohemaa Talks. You can contact him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram under @kevinbmore. 

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Intro and Sponsorship
Nii's background
Global media, current state & healthy scepticism
Hollywood: defining norms and morals
Correcting the narrative and ignorance
Perpetual Stories
Moral responsibility and social media
Nii's philosophies and projects
Concluding and Outro