OhemaaTalks Podcast

Episode 7: Imposter syndrome and Race

August 18, 2020 OhemaaTalks Episode 7
OhemaaTalks Podcast
Episode 7: Imposter syndrome and Race
Show Notes

I was joined by the lovely Vanetta Morrison, an ACC (Association of Christian Counsellors) accredited counsellor, with over 2 years experience, specialising in Integrative counselling.

She has worked with diverse clients, focusing on mild to moderate anxiety and depression, abuse, trauma, relational conflict, low self esteem and grief & loss.

Vanetta is also a life & career coach, leveraging 12+ years of leadership, management and  psychology experience and facilitating significant individual and organisational successes; both in the Higher Education and charity sector. 

Founder and Director of 'The Blueprint Way' - her own coaching and counselling agency, Vanetta has made it her mission to help millennial women of colour develop and maintain emotional wealth, so they can sustainably live the life they love.

Don’t forget to visit ‘The Blueprint Way’ (https://blueprintway.com/ ) to download a free e-copy of the F.R.A.U.D Framework. It’s available for a limited time. 

Please checkout and support Vanetta’s personal projects:

The Antiracism Book Club: available on Spotify and  anchor.fm/theantiracismbookclub 

That Morrison Life YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcMI0MVq-K2TW5jX6iwFHYg 

As promised, you can find out more information on imposter syndrome on: