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Episode 10: Becoming Francis Y. Brown

February 04, 2021 OhemaaTalks Episode 10
OhemaaTalks Podcast
Episode 10: Becoming Francis Y. Brown
Show Notes

I had the pleasure of catching up my dear friend Francis Y. Brown . Francis is an elite creative director and animator based in Ghana. He is the founder of AnimaxFYB Studio and the and Festival Director of Africa Animation Festival (AAF). 

His successes includes Mmofra, an Amazon Prime featured animation and educational programme that provides content for children and adults. 

His most notable Awards includes: 
Ghana Movie Awards: Best Animation 2018 
Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards: Animator of the Year 2017
Africa International  Film Festival (AFRIFF): Best Animation 2016

Find out more about Francis:
website: https://www.animaxfybstudios.com/about  and https://africaanimationfestival.com/
Twitter and Instagram: AnimaxFYB and Africaanimationfest

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